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About Us

We have changed our business plan. You can purchase beer steins and related items from us by using our website’s recently introduced Buy It Now (shopping cart). Outright sales at a set price. We will continue to purchase collections of beer steins. We no longer accept consignments. 

The origin of many antique beer stein collections began shortly after the end of World War II. Collections assembled by many Americans were started during the cold war in Germany from the 1950s through the 1990s by both U.S. soldiers and tourists. The available supply, reasonable prices and a beer hall in every major city served as a catalyst for many collectors.

Gary Kirsner has been involved with Antique German Beer Steins (Tankards) for nearly fifty years. Gary began in the 1970s, selling at antique shows and collector’s meetings. Gary conducted his first Beer Stein auction in 1982. This was a time when the auction industry was starting to grow with many auctions being conducted by very knowledgeable experts in their specialized fields. With illustrated catalogs, accurate descriptions and guarantees of both condition and authenticity the market for antique beer steins and many other collectibles grew rapidly. Eventually the internet made it even easier for collectors to find what they desired to buy.

In 1983 Gary Kirsner released his first edition of the Mettlach Book, subsequently followed by editions two, three and four. Three editions of The Beer Stein Book and two editions of German Military Steins followed over the next two decades.

Andre Ammelounx has also been in the antique business specializing in Antique Beer Steins, Swiss Woodcarvings and Hummel Figurines. Andre has always enjoyed the chase, the search to find unique items in both the United States and Europe. Speaking German fluently has given him the opportunity to meet and work with many people around the world. Andre published the very popular book, Black Forest Bears in 2001. The collection in the book was purchased, at the time of publication, from a museum in Switzerland and was then sold to a single buyer in the United States.

These books made a very significant contribution for both novices and more experienced collectors to grow their collections with valuable information.

During the last 42 years, Gary and Andre have conducted close to four hundred auctions featuring antique beer steins; we have seen the industry change and we have initiated many of the changes. Now that we are a lot older it is time for another significant change. While we will no longer conduct auctions, we will continue offering items for sale, using a shopping cart design. This will feature a Buy it Now format where the item of interest can be placed into a shopping cart and once paid shipped promptly to the collector. No waiting for an auction to close, instant success adding a fine piece to your collection. The beer steins and other merchandise we offer will continue to have our guarantee of authenticity and correctly described condition. We will continue our excellent photography on our website. Careful packing and using proper materials, assures the best handling of your purchases.