b'3765 376637673768 3769 3770 3771 377237733774377537763777 37783779 3780 37813782 37833765.Stoneware stein, .5L, hand-painted, marked P, by3769.Stoneware stein, .5L, relief, blue and purple salt-Saeltzer, relief pewter lid, mint (150-250)glazes,Anti-Semitic,DieserPflugwrnichtso 3766.Stonewarestein,.5L,hand-painted,probablyschwer wenn Levy, Cohn und Schmul nicht wr, Saeltzer, dolphins, pewter lid, mint (100-200)inlaid lid, very rare to find with an inlaid lid, the 3767.Stoneware stein, .5L, hand-painted, marked L 177,U.S. Army soldier who liberated this stein in Paris, by Saeltzer, inlaid lid with hand-painted silhouette,France is pictured holding the stein [only a digital mint (250-350)photo is available], very tiny glaze flake on lower 3768.Stoneware stein, .5L, relief, blue & purple salt- band (800-1100) glazed,pewterlidwithlargeowlfinial,mint3770.Stonewarestein,.5L,relief,handpainted,un-(100-200)marked H.R., by Hauber & Reuther, pewter lid, base chip repaired - excellent (200-300)'