b'36263627 36283625.Oilpaintingoncanvas,21.5"x29.3",frame 28.0"x35.5",DieSchtzenliesloriginalby FriedrichA.vonKaulbach1850-1920,this painting is unsigned, late 1800s, there has been a professional cleaning and restoration to the can-vas, frame in original condition, very impressive size,excellentqualityandcondition,displays very well (3000-5000)3626.Mettlach stein, .5L, 2083, etched, carved horn lid & thumblift, mint (350-500) 3627.Mettlach stein, .5L, 2828, decorated relief, by Hein, Wartburg,inlaid lid, minor repair on tower of lid - excellent, otherwise mint (500-700) 3628.Mettlachstein,.5L,2829,decoratedrelief, Rodenstein, inlaid lid, repair at base of tower on 3625 lid - excellent (600-800) 3629 3630363136323629.Mettlach vase, 9.4" ht., 6120[2709], Rookwood,3631.Mettlach vase, 9.0" ht., hand-painted, 2501, Orivit mint (300-500)pewter mounts, Art Nouveau, chip & 1" hairline on 3630.Mettlach vase, 8.0" ht., 1874, mosaic, mint (150-250)top rim (400-600) 3632.Mettlach vase, 9.5" ht., no number, PUG, service Bette, mint (150-250)'