b'3512 3513 3514 3515 35163512.Mettlachstein,5.5L,22.7"ht.,2126,etched,3515.Mettlach stein, 4.2L, 22.0" ht., 2524, etched, die Symphonia, by W. Schultz, Hanau, pewter lid, mintKannenburg, by H. Schlitt, pewter lid, spider cracks (3500-5000)on bottom, top of lid damaged (500-800) 3513.Mettlachstein,5.7L,23.5"ht.,2102,etched,3516.Mettlach stein, 21.6" ht., 5.0L, 2478, cameo, con-Germania, by Schultz, pewter lid, handle repaired -ical inlaid lid, 1" shallow base chip & 4" line along good (1800-2400)base (800-1200) 3514.Mettlachstein,6.8L,25.3"ht.,2455,etched, Lohengrin, pewter lid, finial reattached, small chip repair on top rim (2000-4000)3517351835193517.PairMettlachplaques,20.5"d.,2022&2023,3518.Mettlachplaque,20.0"d.,2950,etched,mint etched, marked with only: Probe on both plaques,(900-1300) not numbered, one has a design variation, rare, mint3519.Mettlachplaque,21.5"d.,1404,etched,mint (2000-3000)(500-750)'