b'347334743475347634773447.Mettlachstein,.5L,5006,faience,Mnchen,3463.Mettlachstein,.5L,3240,etched, ArtNouveau, pewter lid, mint (250-350)inlaid lid, mint (250-350) 3448.Mettlach stein, .5L, 5188, Delft, pewter lid, mint3464.Mettlachstein,.5L,3139,etched, ArtNouveau, (250-350)inlaid lid, mint (300-500) 3449.Mettlach stein, .5L, 5190/5013, Delft, pewter lid,3465.Mettlach stein, .5L, 1654, mosaic, original pewter flake on base (150-250)lid, mint (100-200) 3450.Mettlach stein, .5L, 965[5015], Delft, pewter lid,3466.Mettlach stein, .5L, 1288, mosaic, inlaid lid, some mint (250-350)of the small white beads have flakes (200-300) 3451.Mettlach stein, .5L, 1196[1909], PUG, pewter lid,3467.Mettlachvase,4.0"ht.,2435,etched,Art mint (150-250)Nouveau, mint (250-350) 3452.Mettlach stein, .5L, 1195[1526], PUG, pewter lid,3468.Mettlachashtray,2.5"ht.,2846,etched,Art mint (100-200)Nouveau, mint (150-250) 3453.Mettlach stein, .5L, 783, porcelain, relief, parian,3469.Mettlachplaque,4.0"d.,7086,phanolith,very inlaid lid, mint (200-300)rare, mint (500-700) 3454.Mettlach stein, 1.0L, 3078, Bavaria,Weihnachten3470.Mettlachplaque,4.0"x6.0",7069,phanolith, 1907,Richter&Frenzel,pewterlidhasatearmint (150-250) repaired, body mint (250-350)3471.Mettlachplaque,4.0"x6.0",7071,phanolith, 3455.Mettlach stein, 1.0L, 1756, decorated relief, stu- mint (150-250) dent, original pewter lid, mint (200-300)3472.Mettlachplaque,4.0"x6.0",7085,phanolith, 3456.Mettlach stein, 1.0L, 1157, relief, relief pewter lid,mint (150-250) mint (250-350)3473.Mettlach stein, 2.5L, 16.7" ht., 2634, cameo, inlaid 3457.Mettlach stein, 1.0L, 1903, relief, inlaid lid, verylid, some interior glaze browning, mint (600-900) rare, mint (600-900)3474.Mettlach pitcher, 14.8" ht., 7024, phanolith, mint 3458.Mettlach pitcher, 9.3" ht., 815, relief, inlaid lid,(800-1200) mold variation from original catalog 1885 & 1899,3475.Mettlach ewer, 16.0" ht., 1123, decorated relief & very rare, mint (400-600)glazed, repair on spout - good (200-400) 3459.Mettlach stein, .5L, 1460, decorated relief, inlaid3476.Mettlachstein,5.6L,17.0"ht.,2015,decorated lid, mint (300-400)relief,pewterlid,hairlineinhandlerepaired- 3460.Mettlachstein,.5L,3321,etched, ArtNouveau,excellent, otherwise mint (600-800) inlaid lid, mint (300-500)3477.Mettlachstein,5.0L,16.8"ht.,5192,Delft, 3461.Mettlachstein,.5L,2903,etched, ArtNouveau,pewter lid, line on handle, replaced correct thum-inlaid lid, mint (300-500)blift (300-500) 3462.Mettlachstein,.5L,2802,etched, ArtNouveau, inlaid lid, mint (250-350)'