b'33593360 336133623363 33643346.Glass stein, .5L, blown, pedestal base, hand-paint- 3362.Glass stein, .5L, blown, handpainted, late 1700s, ed, card, glass inlaid lid, mint (200-300)pewterliddated1796,1"lineatbaseofhandle 3347.Glass stein, .5L, pressed, c.1950s, transfer & hand- (250-350) painted,Esso Extra Motor Oil, pewter lid, missing3363.Glass stein, .5L, blown, cut, white on clear overlay, center hinge ring - works well, glass mint (200-300)gilded, set-on glass lid, some gold wear, otherwise 3348.Glassstein,.5L,blown,hand-painted,Kgl.priv.mint (250-350) FeuerschtzenGesellschaftBerglSchleissheim3364.Glass bottle, 8.9" ht., clear, basket weave applied [near Munich], pewter lid, mint (250-350)to exterior surface, screw top on bottle & woven 3349.Glassstein,.5L,blown,transfer&handpainted,ropehandlemissing,weavetight,displaysvery Ein Sumpfhuhn, pewter lid, mint (150-250)well (100-200) 3350.Glassstein,.5L,blown,transfer&handpainted, Auerhahn, pewter lid, mint (100-200) 3351.Glass stein, .4L, blown, clear, ribbed, applied blue & white glass circles, pewter lid, mint (100-200) 3352.Glass stein, .5L, blown, cut, silver lid with porce-lain figural inlay, mint (200-300) 3353.Glassstein,.5L,blown,transparentenamel, Art Nouveau,reliefpewterlid,smallroughspoton edge of lid, body mint (150-250) 3354.Glass stein, .5L, blown, Art Nouveau, green prunts, pewter lid, mint (150-250) 3355.Glassstein,.5L,blown,faceted,silverlid, Bavarianthumblift,lidengraved:SchtzenClub 1870 - 1871, mint (200-300) 3356.Glassstein,.5L,enameled,coats-of-arms,glass inlaid lid, mint (100-200) 3357.Glassstein,.5L,blown,transparentenamel, Art Nouveau,pewterlid,smallreliefscene&Art Nouveau thumblift, mint (200-300) 3358.Glassstein,.5L,blown,enameled,Waidmanns Heil!, pewter lid, slight wear (100-200) 3359.Glass stein, 1.0L, blown, amber, enameled, silver lid, with enameled insert, mint (400-600)3365.Oil Painting on canvas, 7.8" x 9.9", frame 16.5" x 3360.Glass stein, .5L, blown, blue on clear overlay, cut,18.0", early 1900s, unsigned, very good quality & engraved, matching glass inlaid lid, mint (500-700)condition, chips on frame corners (200-400) 3361.Glass stein, 1.0L, blown, mid 1800s, milk glass, handpainted, flowers, pewter lid, mint (250-375)'