b'3332 3333 3334 3335 3332.Black Forest wood carving, 8.2" ht. x 13.4" long,3334.Black Forest wood carved jewel box, 5.4" ht. x walkingbear,glasseyes,carvedinBrienz7.1" wide x 4.4" deep, walking bear finial, glass Switzerland, early 1900s, linden wood, very goodeyes, clover surface carving, made in Switzerland, quality and condition (600-800)early 1900s, linden wood, hinged lid, original shop 3333.Black Forest wood carved storage box, 9.4" ht. xpaper label Interlaken on bottom,very good quali-9.0" wide x 6.7" deep, walking bear finial, glassty and condition (200-400) eyes,edelweisssurfacecarving,madeinBrienz3335.Black Forest wood carved pipe holder, 6.9" ht. x Switzerland,early1900s,lindenwood,hinged8.7"widex5.1"deep,seatedbear,glasseyes, compartments,verygoodqualityandconditionmade in Brienz Switzerland, early 1900s, linden (300-500)wood, brass bowl, very good quality and condition (200-400)3336.TwoBlackForestwoodcarvedpanels,each3337.Black Forest wood carved candle holders, 11.5" 12.4" x 6.4", linden wood, made in Germany, earlyht. x 6.0" dia., gnome carrying a tree stump, made 1900s, deer family, made to connect to doors, veryinBrienzSwitzerland,late1800s,lindenwood, good condition (200-400)very good quality and condition (400-600)BID LIVE IN REAL TIME ON OUR WEBSITEPLEASE SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR THE CURRENT BID OR THE MINIMUM BID REQUIRED FOR EACH LOT'