b'3277327832793277.Stonewarestein,9.9"ht.,late1500s, Siegburg Schnelle, three scenes, front scene dated 1574, pewter lid, pewter repaired with newerhinge,fainthairlineontoprim, popped blister on side (1000-1500) 3278.Stonewarestein,10.5"ht.,mid1700s, Westerwlder Birnkrug, pewter lid is an old replacement, lid damaged, body good con-dition (300-500) 3279.Stonewarebottle,7.3"ht.,Muskauer Flasche, late 1600s, cut design, light gray, pewterscrewcap&footring,verygood condition (2000-3000)3280.Stonewarestein,9.8"ht.,mid1700s, AltenburgerWalzenkrug,smallrosettes, pewterlid&footring,liddated1760, footring & upper rim are later addition, .2" flake on body (500-700) 3281.Stonewarestein,10.0"ht.,mid1700s, AltenburgerWalzenkrug,appliedrelief, pewter lid & footring, lid dated 1777, pewter touchmarks, good condition (500-700)32803281Every item is illustrated in color on our website, with many additional side views.'