b'3272.Stoneware stein, 5.0" ht., Waldenburger Bienen- 3273.Stonewarestein,4.6"ht.,4.5"d.,mid1700s, korbhumpen,c.1640,saltglazed,fourreliefWesterwlder Walzenkrug, Knibis style tool work rosettes, pewter lid & footring, very faint hallmarkon body, inlaid lid, matching factory number 36 on on underside of lid, minimal wear, very good con- bottom and also on inside of the lid, unusual size, dition (3500-4500)rare lid, excellent condition (1600-2400) 3274327532763274.Stoneware pitcher, 10.5" ht., c.1650, Annaberger3275.Stonewarestein,13.5"ht.,c.1800,Bunzlauer Tullenkanne, applied relief cartouches, some gild- Melonenkrug,brownglaze,appliedrelief,floral ing still present, engraved lid, very rare, very minordecorationpewterlid,verticalhandlestrap& flakes (4500-6000)footring, lid dated 1793, thumblift bent, body very good condition (800-1100) 3276.Stoneware stein, 12.7" ht., late 1700s, Hessischer Weinkrug, incised, blue saltglaze, pewter lid & strap in poor condition, body good condition (250-400)'