b'3265.Stoneware stein, 7.5" ht., Waldenburger Birnkrug,3266.Stonewarestein,7.6"ht.,late1600s,Muskauer late 1600s, scenes of a woman and flowers, pewterBirnkrug, incised, relief deer & cherubs, white & lid [dated 1674], very rare, replaced thumblift, oth- green glazed, pewter lid & footring, chip on base erwise good condition (3500-4500)under pewter ring, very good condition (2500-3500) 3267.Stoneware stein, 10.1" ht., mid 1700s, Altenburger3268.Stoneware stein, 9.7" ht., early 1700s, Altenburger Walzenkrug,blue&whiteapplieddecoration,Walzenkrug,rosettes,saltglazed,pewterlid, pewter lid & footring, 2" tear on upper edge of lid,footring&bodybands,liddated1727,base narrow chip on edge of handle (500-700)repaired - good (700-1000)'