b'T he S teinAuc t i o nCo m pan y Andre Ammelounx&GaryKirsner M ay14,2019AUCTION CLOSES1:00 PM (E.D.T.) FOR NON-INTERNET BIDSIllinois Auction License: 444.000119 & 441.000152 Catalog price: $15.00.Subscriptions available.TERMS OF SALE BIDDING RULESThe manager determines the highest bidder and resolvesWe do not begin the bidding with the highest bid. Your any disputes. All merchandise is guaranteed as outlinedbidsareexecutedbythecomputercompetitively,as below. All items are sold in the cataloged sequence.though you were there personally. In case of ties, the first bid received wins. We can accept contingent bids. The minimum acceptable bid is usually 50% to 80% ofThat is to say, you can bid on numerous items and spec-the low side of the estimate. Lots with the low side of theify a limit. This option is not available with online bid-estimate of $100.00 or less have minimums of 50% or less.ding. We reserve the right to reject any bid. The minimum acceptable bids are shown on our website after bidding starts. ONLINEBIDDING A buyers premium (commission) of 20% of the selling price will be added to the winning bid. For payments made by Visa,Youcanbidonlineatourwebsite,TSACO.com.The MasterCard or PayPal there will be an additional fee. There areonlinebiddingstartson April16,2019,at10:00 AM additional charges for shipping and insurance.(E.D.T.). You may register to bid at anytime after the auc-tion is available for viewing on our website. Internet bid-Illinois residents will be charged Illinois sales tax. Illinoisding closes starting at 2:00 PM (E.D.T.), May 14, 2019. residents providing a signed resale certificate and a copy ofLots will close at a rate of two per minute. However, bid-their valid resale permit are exempt from sales tax. Residentsding will be extended for two minutes if a bid is received ofotherstateswhohavetheirpurchasesshippedoutofinthelastonescheduledminute. Additionalbidswill Illinois will not be charged Illinois sales tax. This auction iscontinue to extend the bidding. conducted in Illinois, bidding in this auction indicates your understanding that any and all disputes will be resolved underMAIL BIDS TO:applicable Illinois rules, regulations and/or laws. Andre AmmelounxWe guarantee the merchandise offered in this sale to beThe Stein Auction Companyfree of repairs, chips or cracks unless noted in the descriptionP.O.Box 136of each lot. Please refer to our website for the Definitions for terms used in this catalog for clarification of our terminolo- Palatine, IL 60078 gy. Sizes may be approximate. Should you need additionalWe recommend confirming by phone that we have information about an item in our auction, please contact usreceived mailed bids. by phone, email or fax. If the condition is found not to be as stated, the item may be returnedwithin one week of receipt,PHONE BIDS: 847-991-5927but no later than 30 days after the auction date.FAX BIDS: 847-991-5947Each lot description ends with an estimate. The purposeWe recommend confirming by phone that we have of the estimate is to give bidders an approximate idea ofreceived faxed bids. the value of each lot. Estimates reflect the normal low and high range that can be expected for the item. There is noEMAIL BIDS: AAPO136@aol.comguarantee that any specific lot will sell within the estimat-ed range. You should bid whatever is the maximum thatWe will send a confirmation email when email bids you are willing to pay.have been received.'