b'310431053106 3107 3108 310931103104.Glass stein, .5L, blown, faceted, silver lid with hel- 3111.Militarystein,.5L,stoneware,Weltkrieg1914- met finial, small dent on edge of lid (200-300)1918, relief pewter lid, mint (100-200) 3105.Glassstein,.5L,moldblown,silver-platedlid,3112.Characterstein,.5L,stoneware,marked2385, Husar busby finial, mint (150-250)Artillery Shell, 1914, pewter lid, mint (200-300) 3106.Militarystein,.5L,glass,F.K.B.[Freikorps],3113.ThirdReichstein,.5L,pottery,Unteroffizier-pewter lid, mint (200-300)Vereinigung, Vahrenwald d. Kav. Schule, pewter lid 3107.Glassstein,.5L,pressed,pewterlid:Bismarck,with helmet finial with swastika, mint (400-600) mint (50-100)3114.Military stein, .5L, pottery, Kriegsschule Glogau, 3108.Regimental stein, .5L, 7.9" ht., glass, mold blown,1911, pewter lid has dated inscription, rare, pewter porcelain inlaid lid,Inft. Regt. Nr. 119, Stuttgart,strap repaired - very good, body mint (250-375) 1883 - 1886, two sides, inside & outside, gnome3115.Pottery stein, .4L, transfer & hand-painted, mili-thumblift, named to: Heinr. Junger, mint (150-250)tary,TruppenbungsplatzMnsingen,pewterlid, 3109.Military stein, .5L, glass, photo of soldier, reliefmint (100-200) silver-plated lid:Kaiserl. Schutzruppe fr Sdwest- 3116.Mettlach stein, 1.0L, 1526, PUG,Nrnberg, Die afrika, 3. Kompanie, Kanus, 1913, very rare, pewterStadt der Reichsparteitage, pewter lid, pewter strap strap repaired - excellent, body mint (350-550)repaired, body mint (150-250) 3110.Regimentalglassbeaker,.5L,10.5"ht.,blown,3117.Porcelain stein, .5L, transfer, Zum Andenken, von Boot,amber,UlanenNr.20,Ludwigslust,set-onHindenburg,1914-1917,pewterlidisalittle lid, mint (400-600)rough, body mint (100-200) 31113112311331143115 31163117'