b'AUCTION SCHEDULE Please visit our website to see our schedule. AUCTION CONSIGNMENTS The consignors commission is 15% of the selling price for items selling above $300.00.The commission for items selling for $300.00 or less is a flat rate of $45.00 per lot.Included in the commission charge are all of the following: InsuranceCatalog photographyWebsite catalog display Storage (alarmed warehouse)We do not have an unsold lot feeWe can assist with transportation of collections.We can pick up large collections anywhere in the United States or Europe. We charge a reasonable fee to cover the costs associated with picking up collections. Our commission rates and pick-up fees are sub-stantially lower than most other auction companies. The consignment pick-up, wrapping and transporta-tion arrangements are always done by either Andre or Gary.CONTACTUSNOWTOSCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT Please send shipments by Post Office to: Andre Ammelounx The Stein Auction Company P.O.Box 136 Palatine, IL 6007 8Please send shipments by Fed Ex or U.P.S. to: Andre Ammelounx 763 North Ela Road Inverness, IL 60067Beforeshippingconsignments,pleasecontactusto discuss the items that you plan to send.'