b'36023603 36043602.Porcelain stein, 2.5L, 15.5" ht., relief and hand- 3604.Pottery stein, 18.5" ht., relief, marked Albrecht & painted,marked A.KlammerthZnaim,elaborateShn, Hildesheim, inlaid figural lid, figural finial\'s design,coat-of-arms,pewterlid,pedestalbreakfoot broken and re-attached. repaired with pin, base hairline. 3603.Stonewarestein,2.0L,15.8"ht.,marked479, etched, pewter lid, mint. 3599.Stoneware stein, 2.0L, 11.5" ht., transfer & hand-painted,markedWickWerke,AnimatorPschorr Bru, Mnchen, pewter lid, marked Mory Mnchen, mint. 3600.Stoneware stein, 2.0L, 10.4" ht., transfer & hand- Every item is illustrated in painted, marked XXX, Franken Bru Neundorf - MitwitzBayern,pewterlid,markedG.Engelcolor on our website,Coburg, mint. 3601.Stoneware stein, 3.0L, 12.0" ht., transfer & hand- with many painted, Losunger - Bier, rare double handle, twoadditional side views.pewter lids, excellent pewter strap repair on one lid, body mint.'