b'3575.Stoneware stein, 1.0L, transfer, by P. Neu, comical3584.Stonewarestein,1.0L,transfer&hand-painted, scene, pewter lid, mint.marked M. & W. Gr., B. T. M., by F. Ringer, pewter 3576.Stonewarestein,1.0L,transfer&hand-painted,lid, mint. marked B. T. M., by F. Ringer, pewter lid, a little3585.Stonewarestein,1.0L,transfer&hand-painted, wear on base & side.marked R. Merkelbach Grenzhausen, by F. Ringer, 3577.Twopotterysteins,.5L,relief,762&194bypewter lid, good pewter tear repair, body mint. Diesinger, pewter lids, lids have some small dents,3586.Stonewarestein,2.0L,relief,ZweitesSchwb-otherwise mint.ischesZimmerschtzenBundesschiessen,Donau-3578.Stoneware stein, .5L, threading, marked L. B. &wrth 1889, pewter lid, mint. C., figural inlaid lid, mint.3587.Stoneware stein, 1.0L, by Saeltzer, Adam & Eve, 3579.Pottery stein, .5L, relief, by Diesinger, pewter lid,pewter lid, faint 2" hairline, small flake on top rim. mint.3588.Stoneware stein, 1.2L, by Saeltzer, unusual body 3580.Potterystein,.5L,etched,marked1260,pewtershape, verse & floral, pewter lid, excellent condi-lid, mint.tion. 3581.Stonewarestein,1.0L,transfer&hand-painted,3589.Stonewarestein,.5L,hand-painted,Saeltzer, marked Marzi & Remy, Tanz auf der Alm, pewtermarked 25 and artist mark Louis Rembach, pewter lid & base ring, center hinge ring missing, other- lid, flake on top rim. wise mint.3590.Pottery stein, 1.5L, relief, by Dmler & Breiden, 3582.Potterystein,1.0L,handpainted,Occupational577,pewterlid,smallflakeonbase,otherwise Stonewheel Grinder, porcelain inlaid lid: initials,mint. minor wear.3591.Pewterstein,.5L,relief,fourcityscenes,good 3583.Stonewarestein,1.0L,transfer&hand-painted,condition. markedMartinPausonMnchen,5341,byF.3592.Woodbeerstein,9.0"ht.,hand-carved,Neptun, Ringer, pewter lid, mint.DieGesellschaftLindeihremehem.Mitgliede, good condition. 3593 359435953593.Stoneware stein, .5L, marked 1728, by Reinhold Merkelbach, design by R. Riemerschmid, Art Nouveau, blue saltglaze, pewter lid, mint. 3594.Stonewarestein,.5L,relief,marked1757,byReinholdMerkelbach, design by R. Riemerschmid, Art Nouveau, blue saltglaze, pewter lid, mint. 3595.Stoneware stein, .5L, etched, marked 508, by R. Merkelbach, design by L. M. K. Capeller, pewter lid, a little wear, otherwise mint. BID LIVE, IN REAL TIME, ON OUR WEBSITEWe do not have an extra 5% fee to bid online!Please visit our website for additional information.'