b'34693470 3471 3472 34733469.Mettlach stein, 5.2, 18.2" ht., 2205, etched, Diana3472.Mettlachstein,4.1L,18.8"ht.,2797,etched, & Hunters, inlaid lid, mint.Richard Wagner, inlaid lid, mint. 3470.Mettlach stein, 4.5L, 18.7" ht., 1690, etched, by C.3473.Mettlach stein, 3.0L, 18.5" ht., 3099 etched, origi-Warth, inlaid lid, mint.nal pewter lid, mint.3471.Mettlach stein, 6.0L, 18.9" ht., 1469, etched, inlaid lid, rare, mint.3474 347534763477 34783474.Mettlachpokal,10.7"ht.,43,relief,earlyware,3476.Mettlachpokal,9.7"ht.,39,earlyware,relief, The Marriage Fest at Cana, missing one lower ring.Gambrinus,set-onlid,excellentchiprepairon 3475.Pair Mettlach vases, 10.1" ht., 319, earlyware, oneunderside of lid. vase has interior yellowing top rim repair, second3477.Pair Mettlach vases, 8.9" ht., 28, earlyware, small excellent condition.chip on relief. 3478.MettlachCharacterbeaker,8.0"ht.,5045, glazed, rare, two chips repaired.'