b'30133014 3015 3016301730183007.Regimentalstein,.5L,12.1"ht.,porcelain,1.3013.Regimentalstein,.5L,13.5"ht.,pottery,10. Battr. Feld Artl. Regt. Nr. 61, Darmstadt, 1905 -Comp. Inftr. Regt. No. 125, Stuttgart, 1909 - 1911, 1907, two side scenes, roster, lion thumblift, namedtwosidescenes,roster,Wrttembergthumblift, to: Reservist Rothermel, mint.named to: Reservist Hutter, mint. 3008.Regimentalstein,.5L,12.1"ht.,porcelain,Lieb3014.Regimentalstein,.5L,12.5"ht.,porcelain,3. Comp., Inft. Regt. Nr. 115, Darmstadt, 1904 - 1906,Battr., Feld Artl. Regt. Nr. 15, Mrchingen, 1911 - two side scenes, roster, lion thumblift, named to:1913, four side scenes, roster, horse & rider thum-Gardist Reitz, mint.blift,namedto:ReservistDories,faintlinesin 3009.Regimentalstein,.5L,12.7"ht.,porcelain,3.lithophane, otherwise mint. Esk., Leib Drag. Regt. Nr. 24, Darmstadt, 1903 -3015.Regimentalstein,.5L,12.4"ht.,porcelain,6. 1906,twosidescenes,roster,lionthumblift,Comp.,bayr.Inft.Regt.Nr.18,Landau,1912- namedto:ReservistGoeckel,slightwordwear,1914,foursidescenes,roster,lionthumblift, otherwise mint.namedto:GefreiterDenzer,screw-offlidwith 3010.Regimentalstein,.5L,12.3"ht.,porcelain,4.relief scene & glass jewel, slight pewter tear, small Comp,Inft.Regt.Nr.92,Braunschweig,1910-paint flakes on base. 1912, four side scenes, eagle thumblift, named to:3016.Regimentalstein,.5L,12.2"ht.,porcelain,10. Musk. Plumbohm, mint.Comp., Inft. Regt. Nr. 142, Mlhausen, 1909 - 1911, 3011.Regimentalstein,.5L,12.2"ht.,porcelain,6.two side scenes, roster, griffin thumblift, named to: Comp., Inft. Regt. Nr. 112, Mlhausen, 1904 - 1906,Gefreiter Stober, mint. two side scenes, roster, griffin thumblift, named to:3017.Regimentalstein,.5L,10.0"ht.,porcelain,11. Reservist Hofstadt, slight pewter tear, pewter cast- Comp.,Inft.Regt.No.124,Weingarten,1911- ing flaw on finial: foot missing, otherwise mint.1913, four side scenes, roster, Wrttemberg thum-3012.Regimentalstein,.5L,12.6"ht.,porcelain,3.blift, named to: Hornist Gefrt. Weber, prism glass Comp., Inft. Regt. Nr. 142, Mlhausen i.E., 1911 -inlaid lid, mint. 1913,foursidescenes,roster,griffinthumblift,3018.Regimentalstein,.5L,10.9"ht.,pottery,12. named to: Resv. Geisinger, tiny glaze flake on base.Comp., bayr. 8. Inft. Regt., Metz, 1911 - 1913, four side scenes, roster, prism inlaid lid, lion thumblift, named to: Reservist Krauss, mint. BID LIVE IN REAL TIME ON OUR WEBSITEPLEASE SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR THE CURRENT BID OR THE MINIMUM BID REQUIRED FOR EACH LOT'