b'3403.Mettlach stein, .5L, 2049, etched, inlaid lid, The Chess stein, factory blue base glaze a lit-tle uneven on side, mint. 3404.Mettlach stein, .5L, 2074, etched, inlaid lid, BirdinaCage,loosepewterstrap,line around lower handle on body. 3405.Mettlach stein, .4L, 2106, decorated relief, Monkeys in a Cage, inlaid lid, mint. 3403 34043405 3406 34073408340934103406.Mettlach stein, 3.0L, 2692, etched, inlaid lid, mint.3409.Mettlachstein,3.8L,16.0"ht.,2824,decorated 3407.Mettlach stein, 3.2L, 17.9" ht., 1851, etched, 4Frelief, by Hein, inlaid lid, rare, mint. Turner, by Schultz, pewter lid, mint.3410.Mettlachstein,3.8L,16.1"ht.,2038,decorated 3408.Mettlach stein, 4.1L, 19.5" ht., 2040, etched, inlaidrelief, by Hein, inlaid lid,excellent repair of base lid, rare, excellent repair of inlaid lid, body mint.chips. BID LIVE, IN REAL TIME, ON OUR WEBSITEWe do not have an extra 5% fee to bid online!Please visit our website for additional information.'