b'33393340 33413342 33433344 33453339.Mettlachstein,.5L,1733,etched,inlaidlid,3342.Mettlachstein,.5L,2012,etched, ArtNouveau, pewter strap repaired, otherwise mint.inlaid lid, mint. 3340.Mettlachstein,.5L,1675,etched,Heidelberg,3343.Mettlach stein, .5L, 2532, etched, inlaid lid, miss-inlaid lid, mint.ing center hinge ring, otherwise mint. 3341.Mettlach stein, .5L, 1863, etched, Stuttgart, cus- 3344.Mettlach stein, .5L, 2093, etched, inlaid lid, mint. tom inlaid lid, mint.3345.Mettlach stein, .5L, 1539, mosaic, inlaid lid, mint. 3346 3347 3348334933503346.Mettlach stein, 3.0L, 16.0" ht., 1830, etched, inlaid3349.Mettlach stein, 2.2L, 14.9" ht., 2107, etched, by H. lid, mint.Schlitt, inlaid lid, mint. 3347.Mettlach stein, 1.5L, 13.2" ht., 2104, etched, inlaid3350.Mettlach stein, 2.1L, 15.4", 1734 etched, silver-lid, mint.platedlid:engravedinside,platingworn,body 3348.Mettlach stein, 2.3L, 13.0" ht., 1951, etched, inlaidmint. lid, mint. BID LIVE, IN REAL TIME, ON OUR WEBSITE We do not have an extra 5% fee to bid online! Please visit our website for additional information.'