b'BID LIVE IN REAL TIME ON OUR WEBSITEPLEASE SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR THE CURRENT BID OR THE MINIMUM BID REQUIRED FOR EACH LOT3335.Glasspokal,21.3"ht.,blown,amber, appliedglassprunts,hand-painted,Knight on horseback, set-on lid, mint. 3336.Pair glass pitchers, 22.7" ht., blown, gilded prunts, hand-painted enamel, matching glass inlaid lid, one has a line at the bottom of the handle, the other is mint.33353336 3337.Pair glass roemers, 9.3" ht., blown, amber,hand-painted,prunts,glass beads, gilded, one small glass bead missing, very good condition. 3338.Glassvase,13.6"ht.,blown, amber, hand-painted, prunts, glass beads,gilded,onesmallglass beadmissing,verygoodcondi-tion.33373338'