b'3310.Glass stein, .5L, blown, cut, silver lid with medal-lion, mint. 3311.Glass stein, .5L, blown, early 1800s, white opaline, cut body, enameled, dots, Schloss in Warmbrunn, glass inlaid lid, mint. 3312.Glassstein,.5L,blown,blueonwhiteonclear overlay, cut, matching glass inlaid lid, mint. 3313.Glass stein, .5L, blown, clear, red stain, cut design, red stain glass inlaid lid, small handle flake. 3314.Glassstein,.5L,blown,clear,redflashed, engraved, dog, matching glass inlaid lid, mint. 3315.Glass stein, .5L, pink, enameled and gilded decora-tion, clear glass inlaid lid dated 1867, mint. 3316.Glassstein,.5L,blown,c.1850,yellowflashed, cut,wheel-engraved,BadEms,matchingglass inlaidlid,excellentrepairtopewterstrap,body mint. 3317.Glassstein,.5L,blown,amber,amberprunts, hand-painted, glass inlaid lid, matching glass inlay & thumblift, mint. 3318.Glass stein, .5L, blown, ruby flashed inside, match-ing glass inlaid lid, mint. 3319.Glass stein, .5L, blown, clear, crushed glass finish, hand-painted,Johannisbad,matchingglassinlaid lid, mint. 332933303320.Glass stein, .5L, blown, faceted, hand-painted, stu- 3326.Glasspitcher,15.7"ht.,blown,hand-painted dent society, Markomannia sei\'s Panier!, Marko- enamel,byFriedrichv.Hauten,Hassiasei\'s mannia Bonn, pewter lid, mint.Panier!, Corps Hassia Giessen, pewter lid, mint. 3321.Glass pitcher, 8.9" ht., blown, amber, by Friedrich3327.Glass stein, 1.5L, 14.3" ht., blown, amber, glass van Hauten, pewter lid, mint.prunts, hand-painted Mnchener Kindl, pewter lid, 3322.Glass flute, 9.1" ht., blown, hand-painted, studentmint. society, Bonn, 1898 - 1899, mint.3328.Glasspitcher,13.0"ht.,blown,green,prunts, 3323.Glass beaker, .3L, 7.0"ht., blown, transfer, imageshand-paintedenamel,matchingglassinlaidlid, outside & inside, mint.some small enamel flakes, otherwise mint. 3324.Glass beaker, .5L, blown, transfer & handpainted,3329.Glass pokal, 15.7" ht., blown, clear, hand-painted, Viel Glck, signed F. Ringer, mint.Fritz Heckert style, unmarked, set-on lid, two shal-3325.Glass stein, 15.6" ht., blown, green prunts, match- low top rim chips. ing glass inlaid lid, mint.3330.Glass pitcher, 15.0" ht., blown, late 1800s, green, hand-painted, coat-of arms, Egermann, unmarked, pewter lid, mint.3331.Glassstein,.5L,blown,transfer& hand-painted,motorcyclerider,glass inlaidlid,verygoodpewterstrap repair, body mint. 3332.Glass stein, .5L, blown, hand-painted skull, glass inlaid lid, very good pewter strap repair, glass mint. 3333.Glassstein,.3L,blown,photograph, soldier & wife, glass inlaid lid is an old replacement, body mint. 3334.Glassstein,.5L,blown,transparent enamel, Art Nouveau, relief pewter lid, small rough spot on edge of lid, body mint.3331 333233333334'