b'3299.Faience stein, 10.7" ht., mid 1700s, Slowakische Birnkrug, signed under handle: 1760 TS, large bird & rabbits, very good condition. 3300.Black Forest wood hunter clock, 17.5" ht., base3301.Black Forest wood carving, 18.0" ht., 15.5" wide, 13.5" x 6.1",linden wood, Germany c. 1900, dog,carved in Switzerland, early 1900s, linden wood, boar,rabbit,birdandhuntersequipment,clockstag with large glass eyes, detachable wood antlers, mechanism[needsadjustment]withkeymarkedexcellent quality, very good condition. France 24352, very good condition with minor chips.'