b'3290 32913292329332943290.Faience stein, 10.2" ht., early 1800s, sterreich- 3295.Faiencestein,11.0"ht.,mid1700s,Thringer ischer Birnkrug, pewter lid, good condition.Walzenkrug, pewter lid, footring, & vertical handle 3291.Faiencestein,9.7"ht.,mid1700s,Thringerstrap, touchmarks, footring is later, slight tear on Walzenkrug, pewter lid & footring, good repair oflid, body very good condition. pewter tear at rear of lid, body good condition.3296.Faiencestein,10.7"ht.,late1700s,Thringer 3292.Faiencestein,9.7"ht.,late1700s,AnsbacherWalzenkrug, pewter lid & footring are new correct Walzenkrug, pewter lid & footring, 1" line on bottom.replacements, repair of line around base. 3293.Faiencestein,10.3"ht.,mid1700s,Bayreuther3297.Faiencestein,10.0"ht.,late1700s,Bayreuther Walzenkrug, pewter lid & footring, tight 3" hairlineWalzenkrug, pewter lid & footring, excellent repair in rear & tight hairline on base, chip under pewterof small chip on handle, two tight lines on side, strap, very good pewter repair.some pewter repair. 3294.Faiencestein,9.4"ht.,mid1700s,Bayreuther3298.Faiencestein,8.9"ht.,late1700s,Crailsheimer Walzenkrug,pewterlid&footring,liddated1778,Walzenkrug, pewter lid & footring, lid dated 1703, minor flakes on handle, otherwise very good condition.very good repair of two hairlines, good pewter tear repair.32953296 329732983298 side'