b'3285.Stoneware stein, 9.7" ht., late 1600s, Annaberger3286.Stonewarestein,4.9"ht.,c.1680s,Annaberger Birnkrug, pewter lid & footring, touch marks, lidKugelbauchkrug, pewter lid dated 1686, very rare dated 1700, pewter strap repaired, body very goodsmall size, excellent condition.condition.3287 3288 3288 side 3289 3289 side3287.Daubenkrug, 6.0" ht., wood & pewter, mid 1700s, pewter lid, handle, base and overlay [inset], flow-ers, touchmark inside lid, small pewter tear at rear of lid, small dent on upper edge of lid, wood aged & some shrinkage. 3283.Stonewarestein,11.4"ht.,MuskauerBirnkrug,3288.Woodstein,7.2"ht.,mid.1800s,hand-carved, early1700s,incised,blue&purplesaltglazes,scenes with stags, two snakes wrapped around han-pewterlidisalaterreplacement[correctstyle],dle, two pewter body bands, very detailed, excellent body very good condition.condition. 3284.Stonewarestein,7.0"ht.,mid1800s,Muskauer3289.Stoneware stein, 5.2" ht., late 1700s, Westerwlder Birnkrug, brown saltglazes, pewter lid, glaze flakes. Walzenkrug,rarestonewarelid,metalmount c.1850, excellent repair of lid, body good condition.'