b'327532763277 327832793275.Stonewarestein,8.5"ht.,1700s,Westerwlder3279.Stoneware stein, 9.8" ht., late 1700s, Westerwlder Walzenkrug,relief,doubleeagle,pewterlid&Walzenkrug,incised,bluesaltglaze,pewterlid, footring, lid dated 1706, touchmarks, tight 2" hair- good repair of pewter strap & tear, body good con-line, otherwise very good condition.dition. 3276.Stoneware stein, 8.5" ht., late 1700s, Westerwlder3280.Stonewarestein,7.9"ht.,mid1700s,Muskauer Walzenkrug,appliedrelief&inciseddecoration,Kugelbauchkrug, incised & cut, brown saltglazes, pewter lid, very good condition.pewter lid, tear repaired on shank, tight hairline on 3277.Stonewarestein,10.2"ht.,mid1700s,Wester- side. wlder Walzenkrug, incised, blue saltglaze, pewter3281.Stonewarestein,7.8"ht.,c.1750,Duinger lid, very good condition.Walzenkrug, applied relief, pewter lid, touchmarks, 3278.Stonewarestein,10.5"ht.,early1700s,Wester- hairline on bottom repaired. wlder Walzenkrug, applied relief, blue & purple3282.Stoneware stein, 1.5L, 11.0" ht., Siegburg, style of salt glazes, pewter lid is an old addition, very good17th century, made c.1850, older pewter lid dated condition.1715, some wear.3280 3281 328232833284'