b'3261326232633264 3265326632673261.Glass stein, .5L, blown, c.1800, wheel-engraved,3265.Glassstein,.25L,blown,wheel-engraved,two man, pewter lid & footring, mint.pheasants, mint. 3262.Glassstein,.5L,blown,1800s,wheel-engraved,3266.Two glass steins, .3L, blown, clear, faceted, wheel pewter lid & footring, good repair of pewter tear,engraved, stag & deer, clear glass inlaid lid, blue body mint.glass inlaid lid, one base flake, otherwise mint. 3263.Glass stein, .5L, blown, late 1700s, wheel-engraved,3267.Glassstein,.5L,blown,clear,wheel-engraved, religious scene, pewter lid, mint.Hindenburg II, Zeppelin, matching glass inlaid lid, 3264.Glass stein, .5L, blown, faceted, wheel-engraved,mint.deer, glass inlaid lid, very good pewter strap repair, glass mint. 3268 32693270 3271 3272 327332743268.Glass stein, 1.0L, blown, transfer & hand-painted,3272.Glassstein,.5L,blown,amber,hand-painted, pewter lid, mint.Landsknecht, pewter lid, mint. 3269.Glass stein, 1.0L, blown, clear, early to mid 1800s,3273.Glass stein, 1.0L, blown, green, prunts, transfer & handpainted, woman at table with dog, pewter lid,hand-painted, matching glass inlaid lid, minor color minor pewter tear, body mint.flakes. 3270.Glassstein,1.0L,blown,redprunts,matching3274.Glass stein, .5L, blown, amber, glass prunts, hand-glass inlaid lid, mint.painted, Gmunden, matching glass inlaid lid, mint. 3271.Glass stein, 1.0L, blown, green prunts, matching glass inlaid lid, mint.'