b'315731583158 lid3159 3159 lid 3160 3160 lid3157.Porcelainstein,.5L,hand-painted,markedwith3159.Porcelain stein, .25L, handpainted, Royal Vienna Beehive, Royal Vienna type, monk with beer steins,type,markedBeehive,porcelaininlaidlidwith porcelain lid, repaired hairline across inlay.scenes inside & outside, mint. 3158.Porcelain stein, .5L, marked T & V, France, hand- 3160.Porcelain stein, .25L, handpainted, Royal Viennapainted, monk in cellar, porcelain inlaid lid, mint.type,markedBeehive,porcelaininlaidlidwith scenes inside & outside, mint. 3161.Porcelain vase, 8.8" ht., hand-painted, marked with Beehive, Royal Vienna type, Der Schelm, artistsignedWagner,elaboratesceneof woman & cupid, two putti on reverse, excel-lent painting and quality, mint. 3162.Porcelain plate, 9.4" d., hand-painted, marked with a Beehive, Royal Vienna type, monk, Ed. Grtzner style, mint.3163.Porcelainstein,1.0L,hand-painted,Delft, inlaid lid, lithophane, shallow base flake, oth-erwise mint. 3164.Porcelain stein, 1.0L, 11.5" ht., relief, hand-painted, pate-sur-pate, porcelain lid, mint. 3165.Porcelainstein,1.0L,11.3"ht.,relief,379, hand-painted,pate-sur-pate,porcelainlid, 3161 3162 faint hairline from top rim into the verse. 3163 316431653166 3167 3168'