b'T he S teinAuc t i o nCo m pan y Andre Ammelounx&GaryKirsner A u g u st25,2020AUCTION CLOSES1:00 PM (E.D.T.) FOR NON-INTERNET BIDSIllinois Auction License: 444.000119 & 441.000152 Catalog price: $15.00.Subscriptions available.TERMS OF SALE BIDDING RULESThe manager determines the highest bidder and resolvesWe do not begin the bidding with the highest bid. Your any disputes. All merchandise is guaranteed as outlinedbidsareexecutedbythecomputercompetitively,as below. All items are sold in the cataloged sequence.though you were there personally. In case of ties, the first bid received wins. We reserve the right to reject The minimum acceptable bid is about 50% to 70% of theany bid. current market value. When the auction is open for bid-ding, the minimum acceptable bids are shown on our web-site. When bids have been made, the current bid and theONLINEBIDDING next minimum required bid is displayed. Youcanbidonlineatourwebsite,TSACO.com.The A buyers premium (commission) of 20% of the selling priceonlinebiddingstartsonJuly29,2020,at10:00AM will be added to the winning bid. For payments made by Visa,(E.D.T.). You may register to bid any time after the auc-MasterCard or PayPal there will be an additional fee. There aretion is available for viewing on our website. Internet bid-additional charges for shipping and insurance.dingclosesstartingat2:00PM(E.D.T.),August25, 2020. Lots will close at a rate of two per minute. If a bid Illinois residents will be charged Illinois sales tax. Illinoisis received in the last 60 seconds, the bidding will be residents providing a signed resale certificate and a copy ofextended for two additional minutes. Bidding will con-their valid resale permit are exempt from sales tax. Residentstinue to be extended if additional bids are received during ofotherstateswhohavetheirpurchasesshippedoutofthe adjusted last 60 seconds. Illinois will not be charged Illinois sales tax. This auction is conducted in Illinois, bidding in this auction indicates yourMAIL BIDS TO:understanding that any and all disputes will be resolved underAndre Ammelounxapplicable Illinois rules, regulations and/or laws. The Stein Auction CompanyWe guarantee the merchandise offered in this sale to beP.O.Box 136free of repairs, chips or cracks unless noted in the description of each lot. Please refer to our website for the Definitions forPalatine, IL 60078 terms used in this catalog for clarification of our terminolo- Werecommendconfirmingbyphonethatwehave gy. Sizes may be approximate. Should you need additionalreceived mailed bids. information about an item in our auction, please contact us by phone or email. If the condition is found not to be as stat- PHONE BIDS: 847-991-5927ed, the item may be returned within one week of receipt, but no later than 30 days after the auction date. EMAIL BIDS:AJAndre136@gmail.com We will send a confirmation email when email bids have been received.'